I am not a tech-savvy person :(

I don’t  know what the hell a text widget bonanza thingy is. I am trying to navigate my way around this thing to make it pretty and I am not having any luck. I usually play with things until I figure it out, but I confess I am a tad frustrated as I have had little to no sleep. I just feel like clicking all the options and typing gibberish in them to see when and where they will pop up. It reminds me of the second Thor movie when they are throwing the cans into the wormhole to see if it will come out the other side, or the Devil’s Kettle in Jennifer’s Body. Yes I am am that person that makes random ass movie references all the time, so sue me. I will figure this shit out… and I will also try to cuss less… probably.


I still am playing around with this craziness. I found all of the free themes and I am lost in the abyss of all these tutorials and I just can’t make it perfect. I am such a Virgo. Sigh.


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