Witchy Healing Magic Rock

Sometimes people just nail it. Sometimes someone will give you that perfect, thoughtful gift that is just so you. My friend Crystal and I finally managed to get together for a gift exchange and coffee with her two girls (I gave them scarves I crocheted of course) and they gave me this little beauty. It is rainbow aura quartz. It has all of my favorite colors and them some and it has some amazing and healing properties. As I have said before I have many health challenges and I prefer to take the natural and holistic route as much as possible before resorting to harsher measures. Yes I do take the doctors advice since I have finally found one who listens to me, but I believe that health begins with us. I do what I can to take my health into my own hands and to promote wellness. Yes I fall short pretty often, especially this holiday season, but I am re-focusing myself on health this week with the coming new year.

I love my holistic remedies and tonics and healthy food and teas. I dig rocks and stones and crystals and candles and incense. I have a Himalayan salt lamp at my desk at work and at home. saltlampI have done  some research and there is a mixed opinion out there as to the benefits and general effectiveness of salt lamps. Some say they counter positive ions, but to my understanding it is most effective when they are right next to you. I have mine right next to me on my desk at work.  Electrical things and I go not generally get along for extended periods of time (they make me feel prickly). Salt lamps also cleanse the air. The proper way to use a salt lamp is to have a bulb that not only generates light but creates heat as well. The heat combined with the salt is what attracts moisture and pollutants in the air to the lamp’s surface itself. The moisture reenters the air but leaves the pollutants  behind on the salt, which is why it is good to give your salt lamp the occasional wipe down with a damp cloth.

I also keep stones  nearby to handle when I am having anxiety, I also have generalized anxiety disorder, and they help to keep me grounded. I am a Virgo, which is an Earth sign so I am drawn to these elements and I feel calm when I am around them. Maybe this comes off as hippy dippy bullshit, but to me, it works and the mind is a powerful thing. I believe it helps and so it does. I used to be afraid of what people would think of this stuff, but I really just don’t care anymore. I know what works for me.


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