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Power Nap

Sometimes I just like to write. I like to put my thoughts outside of myself and process things. They say that our brains process writing and typing differently. I wonder why that is. I enjoy handwriting things but my hands start to hurt pretty easily anymore.

I would very much like to leave work now. I would specifically like to leave and not get fired. I actually took a nap on my lunch break and to be sure that I did not look like I was sleeping on the job, I posted a note and set a timer.

The note looked like this. letter 

So I pulled my big cushy shedding pretend leather office chair up to the corner of my cubicle that I blissfully share with no one at all, cranked the heater up under my desk, kicked off my Vans and pulled my hood up, grabbed the  lime green throw pillow I borrowed off of the break-room couch and rested my exhausted head on my desk for a good 40 minutes and took a light nap that actually helped so so much. I am still exhausted, but I didn’t think that I would have made it this far today and could not have unless I took that time to rest. 


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