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When we refer to someone as ‘privileged’ I think it is important to educate them as to what this means. It’s not a dirty word, it just means that you cannot personally relate to or understand the cause many are fighting for. Are you afraid of you or members of your family having to leave this country? Are you at risk of losing your healthcare? Are you afraid of your children being harassed by police because you live in a certain area or your skin is a certain color? Are you afraid of losing your voting rights in some states because you had to make the difficult choice of ending a pregnancy? Are you fearful of wearing a symbol of your religious faith? Are you fearful of having the government tell you what you can or cannot do with your body? Are you afraid of being told your marriage is not valid? If you answered no to these, then you are privileged. Just because you don’t relate to or agree with what many of us are fighting for does not mean that you can’t have compassion for our hopes and fears. It just means that you don’t HAVE to worry about these things and you are lucky, privileged. I am privileged in many ways and not in others. If you are bothered by being called privileged, take a look at why. It is my hope to heal the divide that is growing by understanding and hearing one another. Even if we don’t agree, we can have respect. Stop with the name calling and low blows. If we have any hope of growing and moving forward from this, we must embrace love, empathy and kindness. It is not a crime to be privileged, but use that privilege to do good. Feel free to share if you agree.


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