I am a 34 year old artist born and raised on California’s Central Coast. I was recently diagnosed with lupus, a chronic and incurable illness. As my illness flares up from time to time, I find myself more home-bound. I have been focusing more on my art and writing which is why I am starting this blog. I need outlets (besides sarcasm) to help me cope with this journey that has no destination, except to get through today. I am also a recovering addict with over 3 years clean and so it makes things a little extra challenging, but I manage. I have a wonderful family and support group and my husband is amazing and supportive. ┬áDespite my many challenges, I do my best to remain positive and grateful. If being in recovery from addiction has taught me anything, it is to always live in the solution and keep moving forward one day at a time. Oh and be able to laugh at yourself because human beings are funny and weird and flawed and beautiful all at the same time.